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About me

I am “Mohab Ali” and you might know me as “Moo”, “0x” or “@0xAli“.

I was born (and raised) in the late eighties in Egypt.

I used to work as a sysadmin and before that as a PHP code monkey to pay the bills! now i am doing freelance coding and LAMP work.

I am proud to be a member of Synapse-labs team, these guys are the best.
I didn’t take security/hacking as a business although i’ve been interested in that field for a long time now, i hope i do that for living one day.

I like video games… A LOT!! i love them, i like mainly FPS games but i play horror and survival as well, and my latest addiction is Minecraft i love that game and i think everyone must play it.
Currently playing: Minecraft/Killing floor mostly.

I didn’t get formal computer science/security education.

That’s it, i don’t have a CV and i don’t intend to write one. Ok i broke that rule

Favorite rock band: Queen.

Favorite rapper ever: 2Pac.

Favorite (live) rapper: Eminem.

Favorite drinks: Water, Espresso, Red bull.