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Downloading from HTML5 youtube without addons

22 August 2012 One Comment

My friend Denis Laskov asked if that was possible.

After few minutes of trying (and optimizing) i got it working.

Copy and paste that into the URL bar or drag this and use it as a bookmarklet.

javascript:void(str=decodeURIComponent(yt.playerConfig.args.url_encoded_fmt_stream_map));document.write('<a href=\''+str.substr(4,str.indexOf('quality')).replace('&sig=','&signature=')+'\'>download</a>');

Tested working in Opera 11 but it should work on all decent browsers.
And OFC on HTML5 youtube not the flash one.

PS: The reason why all youtube downloading services are mostly in java and need to run on your machine is that youtube validates the unique download link by IP and whitelisting your IP and blocks the rest.
And AFAIK that algorithm is not broken yet (signature/upn/ip/cp URL parameters).

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  • Denis Laskov said:

    Ali, thx mate, again.
    It is working fine on Opera,
    in FF – some error regarding social engeneering warning.
    Will see in IE tomorrow

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