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[Game Review] Bulletstorm

28 September 2015 No Comment

Bulletstorm is a 2011 first-person shooter video game made by Polish developer People Can Fly and the American company Epic Games, and is published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.


SkillShots AKA – A thousand way to skin a cat:

Bulletstorm enables (Or rather encourage) you to kill enemies in super creative ways.
Examples: Split a guy in two with a shotgun “Topless”.
Using the Drill gun to drill a guy to the ground and make him spin “Breakdancing”.
Using the sniper rifle, fire at an enemy then guide the bullet to another enemy “Bluff”
Here is a list http://bulletstorm.wikia.com/wiki/Skillshots
Here is how crazy it can get:


They give you an awesome energy leash thingy which will give you lots of fun.
Grab an enemy when you are behind a sharp object.
Grab an enemy then kick him into water or a big fan.


You don’t have unlimited ammo but you won’t end up with no bullets, For each action you get points which you can buy ammo and upgrades with.



Games For Windows Live… It sucks.

Health regenerates:

Having a limited health bar would make it a lot interesting, you can just rush and start kicking everyone to death while tanking all the shots and rest for 5 seconds afterwards.

No jump:

I can tolerate the “no-jump” in some games but in Bulletstorm it would be perfect if they allow you to jump off stuff and go creatively crazy, rather than just going through the only path they give you.

This game has gore and lots of sexual related words, I wouldn’t recommend it for young people.

Story: Meh
Graphics: Cool
Voice acting: Cool
Gameplay: Amazeballs
My rating: 8/10

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