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Got a problem? Fix it the lazy way

27 June 2013 No Comment

I was on the interwebz like usual surfing and doing important productive stuff (reading or watching security tutorials, reading/answering stackoverflow questions/replies, tweeting, watching lolcats or youtube fail videos.. etc) and when suddenly the laptop rebooted with no warning.

When it restarted i noticed the screen was too dark, like it’s emitting half of the light it used to do.

What i did?
Checked the video card driver status, and the drivers properties (Gamma and Brightness) i raised them it gave it more light but not enough and it wasn’t feeling right.

Noticed F5 has a sun-like icon so i said if it’s anything that can fix it then it’s that button (function+F5)

So made a phone call to ask a friend if he knows a friend in a series of computer shops that can do it and not charge a fortune for it so he gave me a lead and went with me to fix it.

Before that i googled and found some hits in some hardware forums which had people having the same problem, And after searching for and hour or two i pinpointed what should be the problem (which was the inverter or backlight, and inverter being more probable).

So took the laptop (and left hard drive at home, i don’t trust anyone with my data and no-one should) and went with the friend, he took the machine, booted it, pressed FN+F5 – nothing happened, pressed FN+F6 it brightened up a bit, pressed it a couple more times and it’s back to normal.

In that moment i am sure everyone in the room could see my WHY-DIDNT-I-THINK-OF-THAT face.

So why didn’t i think of that?
Excuse #1: I didn’t know it.
Answer #1: You don’t know a lot of things but you don’t just give up.

Excuse #2: F5 makes more sense than F6 (check the picture)
Answer #2: A lot of things don’t make sense.

So what should i do next time i face something like this?
Make sure it’s broken before you fix it.
If it’s broken don’t build a Rube Goldberg machine to fix it.
Try the easy (read: lazy) solutions.
William of Ockham has a tip for you: Occam’s razor

While over-complicating problems and/or solutions might feed your ego or your bias but it’s counterproductive to follow that way, simplest way of fixing problems is (always?) the best.

Your opinion matters!

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