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Hello hackers!

1 January 2011 No Comment

Welcome to my blog!

Why is this blog made for?

  1. Sharing knowledge.
  2. Posting news.
  3. Posting my own researches.
  4. Linking to good articles/researches.
  5. Explaining stuff.
  6. Book reviewing.

Why is this blog NOT made for?

  1. I will NOT post live vulnerabilities on 3rd party sites.
  2. I will NOT share pre-made working exploits.
  3. I will NOT host tools for s(r1pT k1DDiez.
  4. I will NOT post anything unethical.
  5. I will NOT be a viagra ad-space, i will NOT tolerate irrelevant-bot-spamming, spam me and you will face consequences, relevant websites/links and shameless plugs are OK though.

Your opinion matters!

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