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[Kippo] 40 days result

2 April 2012 2 Comments

Here is the result of the attacks on my kippo honeypot.

Total SSH login attempts count: 219710
Total unique passwords: 34354
Total Number of files tried to wget stuff and run it: 40 (including duplicates)
Total (unique) IPs that made those attempts: 205

Here is the list IP’s of the bots/hackers:

And the files they tried to download and run:

Here is the password list they tried (sorted alphabetically)

Pipal analysis of the list (thanks to Muhanad Shahat @sophto_92)


  • ptrac3 said:

    Hi there, intersting stuff..I’m running kippo too, 20 days..What mysql query can i use to show latest attacks? Thx for any tips

  • 0xAli (author) said:

    There is a great script called kippo-graph it’s a MUST-GET if you run kippo.
    It has latest attacks, and general stats, it’s a really lovely script.

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