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[Game] LIMBO

2 June 2012 2 Comments

Hello people (And bots) i got this game “LIMBO” (and others) via the humble bundle.

You can pay $1 to get the 4 games on steam, and if you pay more than average (~$7.80) you get the extra game “Bastion”, but you shouldn’t be cheap pay more to support indie game developers and charity.
It really widens your imagination everyone should play it (13+ ,i don’t recommend it for 6 yrs olds).

And it works in Mac, Windows, and Linux!

I played it for an hour or so and i LOVE IT!

The game is very different, it’s a little dark and it’s in black and white only, but DAMN that game is awesome.
The objective is that you basically move along and avoid getting killed by traps, spikes, falling from a high ground, getting torn by giant spiders or drowning.

(Click images to enlarge)

Here is three things that game made me do:

1-Think outside of the box (pun intended):

I had a wooden box it floats but it won’t hold your weight, and you have to cross the lake.

I tried EVERYTHING, pushing it, pushing it till it floats then running and jumping on it to make it move, making it float then trying to balance myself on one edge to make it move forward…. i failed utterly.
All i had was the box and i was thinking of the box, why think of something else when i have the solution in my hand right?

Turned out it’s a part of the solution but not all the solution, i didn’t notice a rope i passed by and the solution was to put the box under the rope then crawl up and solve it.

I did it like a boss!

2-Use the enemy’s power against him/it.

Here is another situation when the giant spider was trying to kill me, and i was cornered.

I thought “I could use a push here, and since the spider is coming anyway so i can use it”.

Thank you spidey!

3-If you can’t fight the enemy, then use something to kill it.

I was in -another- near-to-death moment, a giant rock was rolling down the hill and it was gonna squash me

And i made the obvious decision which is to RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

So i ran and hid, and BAAM! the rock hit the damn spider! i didn’t see that coming but i am glad it hit him!

Then it came back dying so i took it’s leg off and used it’s head to jump over some spikes
(PICS 1 2 3 4 5)


  • Jordan said:

    I’m at 98% (need the last achievement), but where can I find all those “extras” to get past 100% completion? Are there 11 extra hidden eggs besides the achievement eggs? I’ve gone through the game twice now and have no idea where any could be.

  • 0xAli (author) said:

    No idea man, i completed it but only got two eggs.
    The one dropped from the pipe and the one under the pinion.

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