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RIP 2013 (2013-2013)

1 January 2014 One Comment


So here is another one of my year start/end posts
(I thank/blame Jayson Street for this habit)

So 2013? For me it was like:

  // NOP

I made some friends, i learned some things, i had some fun, i made some money.

But i am still the same:

Unmodifiable; I can’t do anything in this third world country and i can’t leave the country.
I am forced to finish college and do a 1 year in army, drop out of college and do 3 years of mandatory service, or spend 5 years on the run till i am 30 years old and by the law i can pay a fine and move on.

Unemployed; After leaving my past work in early 2013 i never found another job, but i wasn’t seriously looking for a job.

Unhealthy; Lost more than 10KG in 2012, stuck in the same weight [99KG] in 2013.

Unhappy; I have many reasons to be a depressed panda.

I know i am broken but despite that i like to think of myself as Unbreakable.
I am still alive aren’t i? i intend to stay that way.


What i learned THE HARD WAY:

Life doesn’t need your permission to continue; nothing you can do will pause time or keep things the same, so you better adapt to the changes and if you can’t predict it the least you can do is to live with it.

If life gave you lemons say “thanks”; Because people don’t always get nice things for free, appreciate the good or bad circumstances and use them to empower yourself.

Perfect timing is impossible; Just like the cake.. it’s a lie, Don’t keep waiting for long for “the perfect time” because i waited for that a whole year and it didn’t come and i don’t intend to keep waiting for it!

Facing problems is the only way of solving a problem; No matter how fast runner you are, you can’t outrun problems (Unless the problem is a wild animal chasing you) you can dance around it, you can leave it without dealing with it, but that won’t solve it and it won’t solve itself!

Life is what you make of it; Don’t know who originally said that but he/she is a genius, life is probably relative. And while i will keep searching for a better purpose i won’t need one to be happy and do good without the excuse of a purpose.

Don’t lick the cookie! Take less on, get more done.



Being unemployed for almost a whole year made my vision of this so clear; I hate doing freelance coding/design for living so every second i spend away from the security business is a second wasted on something i don’t like and shouldn’t be doing.



I hope i will find a security company that for an unknown reason will hire someone like me with no education and no work experience only years spent doing hacking gymnastics to do security stuff remotely.
Yes i want the cake and i want to eat it too. I wanna continue learning about security but also to put my knowledge to work.



My big plan is to have smaller and different plans that will make my dreams and hopes become reality.


Whether you had a bad or a good year, i wish you better ones.

I wish you all eternal fulfillment, progress, enjoyment, glory, and happiness! Happy new year!

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  • B!n@ry said:

    Being unemployed for all that time will surely bring all that to you; I truly know what you’re going through, especially when you see lots of people in positions I’m sure they don’t deserve, but that’s life and its cruelness!

    I’m sure it will come, just keep your passion and be patient, it will come sooner or later it will.

    I wish you a happy and bright 2014 ….

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