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[Game] The ship review

27 March 2014 No Comment


You are invited to a free cruise in a ship owned by “Mr. X” and after going there you have two choices, he kills you and have your family killed or you start killing whoever he orders you to murder on the ship.


If you are playing as a hunter you have to kill a certain person, first you only get a name and place. You go there and if you talk to people and turned out that’s the right person you will also get his face in your screen so if he ran (or you went to prison/died) you can get him later.

Note that the person can also attack you back if they recognized you, and i bait them to get their weapons out near cameras or cops so they go to jail and i take my weapons out as well to go to jail and stab them there.


Press “M” to see the money table. apparently Mr. X has certain fantasies. for example if you kill the person with an umbrella he will pay more than if you used a knife or a gun.

If you get caught and get sent to the prison you will pay a fine depending on the crime(s) you committed.

You can spend your money on food and drinks, also you have two separate money streams.
1) What you have in your wallet.
2) What you have in your bank account.
And you can withdraw from that at ATMs and banks.

You can also pick up the wallets of people you killed it.


You can find weapons stashed in drawers, bags and there is also secret rooms where Mr X hid some weapons.


There is another intriguing part of the game as well. You have to take care of yourself.

You have to eat.
You have to drink.
You have to go to the bathroom.
You have to read books.
You have to talk to people.
You have to sleep.

If you don’t do the above points regularly you will face consequences

You can get it for steam for a $1 here http://www.bundlestars.com/store/the-ship-complete-pack/

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