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Twitter policy

Hello, fellow tweeters.

Here is some things you should know before you follow me.

I tweet a lot, i am verbose i will give you lots of tweets and retweets.

I tweet about Security, Programming, Gaming, Technology, (little) World news and sometimes personal stuff (favorite food, songs, movies etc).

I sometimes tweet links containing Phish pages, or virus samples – i have no intention of harming anyone but you have to take that risk if you are gonna follow me also i don’t guarantee all 3rd-party websites if you click any links i post i am not responsible for what might happen to you, don’t be afraid but always stay alert.

I try to keep my stream Clean, Polite, SPAM-free – but forgive me if i sound the opposite of that.

I don’t follow-back and i think it’s stupid to follow someone because they followed you, if you wanna follow me be my guest and enjoy the ride but if your only goal is to get me to follow you then you will be disappointed, i only follow people who i want to see in my stream, and i don’t check my followers or followers count.

If i tweeted something and you think i got it wrong or i am being stupid please notify me <3 I like conversations, if you wanna @mention me please do, i am not on twitter to speak with myself. More importantly: My tweets are my own, i speak for myself my tweet doesn’t represent any of my previous ,current or future employers just a personal account on the twittersphere.
Retweeting or Following is not endorsement.

More about me.

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  • machaith said:

    Fair enough, i agree to the terms 🙂

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