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Wikipedia successfully completed the donation goal

1 January 2011 No Comment

Wikipedia has successfully completed the donation goal.

16 Million U$D

It was surely a happy year’s end for them; completing that budget is such a huge goal for a website that doesn’t sell anything.

Congratulations wikipedia, and it’s users, it will go for another year.
In fact it will be wikipedia’s 10th anniversary


Not that wikipedia is under CreativeCommon3.0 license.

List of the wiki* projects:

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Wiktionary
  3. Wikiquote
  4. Wikibooks
  5. Wikisource
  6. Wikispecies
  7. Wikinews
  8. Wikiversity
  9. Wikimedia Commons
  10. MediaWiki

Thank You from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

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